The Aging Ph/Fase!

Argh is that a grey hair?? Oh no! There’s a fine line in the middle of my head! Look at those crows feet! Sound familiar? Yup.

I used to look at my mum and think she was ancient at 40! I’m now 48 years old and I’m certainly no dinosaur. We are living in a society where women are expected to look a certain way, desirable and glamourous. In fact it’s probably true that middle aged women have never looked so good. There are so many products, clothing ranges and procedures available to camouflage the signs of aging.

However rather than deal with the problem when it hits let’s educate the youth on prevention.

Let’s talk skincare and how to slow down the appearance of those dreaded wrinkles and lines. Most of us have been taught to just wash your face with soap and water. That’ll clean your face. Well it doesn’t. We should all be using a good deep pore cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer. Three really important basic products. I personally use the above, renewal serum, eye cream, night cream and neck cream. This is my skincare regime twice a day. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Anti aging should begin in your early to mid twenties. Yes you heard right! Not at 40 when the damage has already taken place. So all you beauty conscious ladies and gents take heed and start ASAP!

Make sure you choose a decent product. Research the brand you’re going to use because what you put on your skin will ultimately seep into your bloodstream. You don’t want any nasty chemicals getting into your system. That would just defeat the purpose. Be aware that a lot of products on the market contain horrid chemicals, one being mineral oil. Fact – mineral oil is a derivative of crude oil (petroleum). You do not want to put that on your beautiful face!!!

Start today, slow down the aging process and have lovely, glowing, youthful skin. Love yourself!

I have listed below the products I use. I am very aware of what I put in my body and on my body because of my health issues. So for that reason I chose Botanically Based, vegan approved products. They contain no nasty chemicals and are totally pure. If it’s not going to benefit your body don’t use it! I am also a huge advocate of animal cruelty free products so this range ticks all my boxes. As you can see they seem to work. Pictured below a make up free picture of moi and the products I use.

From left to right –

Re9 Retexturizing Body serum – it hydrated your body and gently exfoliates your skin leaving it looking luminous and healthy!

Neck Cream – no turkey neck!!! Restores the appearance of firmness in your skin through mositurisation to support collagen and elastin.

Cleanser – Gives the pores a good clean out!removes make up and any impurities.

Toner – It’s a spray that spritzes over your face and is so refreshing. It leaves your skin so clean and glowing. It’s also evens out your skin tone.

Intensive renewal serum – this helps reduce fine lines. Its holds in moisture to enhance the look of smoothness and firmness.

Corrective Eye cream – amazing product it contains natural caffeine which diminish the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. It also holds in moisture to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Absolutely love this cream!!!!

Restorative Day cream – locks in moisture and comes with an spf 20.

Night cream – a lovely thick cream, ultra hydrating with collagen supporting ingredients that replenish moisture.

Firming Body Cream – this is a luxurious cream which contains red algae extracts to help improve the appearance of dimpled skin.

Seems a lot you say. That must take you ages to use all those products? Nope 👎 it only takes a few minutes. In this busy life we should all take a few minutes out of our day to pamper ourself. Find your brand and be forever young!

For more information on the above products mentioned, prices, ingredients or their benefits, feel free to message me!

Grab nature by the heals and have a great day guys!

Clair xo


Not a Warrior just Me!

Thought I’d write this post for anyone who is just newly diagnosed with a chronic health condition or for those affected by it.

As you will have read in my story I was diagnosed with an Autoimmune disease 11 years ago. I was living a normal life working and caring for my family, 2 children, husband and 2 dogs. Literally one morning I woke up and could hardly move out of bed. I was dizzy, felt as though I had the flu, I couldn’t even walk up and down the stairs in my house. That was my first set of symptoms that led to the first diagnosis. I attended a specialist and was appropriately medicated. It didn’t stop there. I developed other symptoms which ranged from numbness, to paralysis down one side of my body, extreme pain where my children couldn’t even cuddle me . That’s when my world changed. After months of further medical tests and hospital visits they diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia . I battled on developing new symptoms which kept me bed ridden. I was in so much pain from the top of my scalp to the tip of my toes. This led to me being medically retired from employment at the age of 37.

Not exactly how I envisaged my life. I was always a really active person, not sporty just a busy mum! So to go from that to lying flat on my back 24/7 was shocking. It had a huge impact on my family life. My husband was so understanding but he found it hard. We went from a couple who socialized frequently to nothing. It’s hard for everyone!

The medication is the worse part. I was on a concoction of 23 pills a day. Zombie comes to mind. If I can advice anyone in my position and speaking from experience, try not to take too many pills. They don’t take away the pain, they tend to just take the edge off of the pain. Yes that’s great but it brings a wealth of other problems and the odd side effects.

Try to get up and move around every day. If you stay in bed you’ll just cease up. It’ll help your mood. Change your diet. Cut out sugar, that’s the killer. Stop drinking diet soda if you can, replace with plenty water. Try to eliminate gluten. These things can cause inflammation in the body which won’t help your joint pain.

I think the hardest thing is trying to remain positive. I know I used to look at people and get angry. Why did I end up like this? Why me? I looked at joggers and wish I could run like them. Truth is, even if I was 100% healthy I probably wouldn’t be a keen runner. It’s having the option that mattered to me.

It’s a long road but I’m still here on life’s path and for that I am so thankful. I have come to terms with my health conditions and have taught myself how to manage the pain/ symptoms associated with these debilitating diseases. It’s not the end of the world, you just have to tweek things to suit your abilities. You’ll find it’ll open up new things that you previously might not have been interested in.

I am not a ‘Chronic pain’ or ‘Fibromyalgia’ Warrior. I am just me. I will never let my illness define who I am and how people refer to me. I am ME.

Thanks for reading guys!

Grab nature by the heals and have an amazing day!

Clair xo


Paaasta with a kick 🌶

When I first decided to become a vegetarian I was a bit concerned. Meat I’ve never been that fussed about anyway, I enjoyed chicken and have an allergy to finned fish. So really the only thing I’d actually miss would be chicken. It’s like what can you actually eat??? Well I was wrong!!

If you follow my blog you’ll see future recipes/ meals that are more than satisfying. I have just become more creative. I put meals together that I’d previously never have thought of. You know what guys I feel way more healthier than I have felt in a long time.

Last night I made Pasta a la kick!! It’s a tomato base with chili flakes. Below is my recipe. Oh and I am Celiac, so any dishes I cook are made with gluten free ingredients.

1. Gluten free penne – Tesco £1.15

2. Tin of organic chopped tomatoes – Tesco 0.80p

3. Wedge of Parmigiano Reggiano 200g -Tesco £3.00

4. Mascarpone 125g – Tesco £1.60 for 250g tub

5. Handful of extra mature red cheddar – any type

6. 6 cloves of organic garlic – get in your local grocery store

7. Organic chestnut mushrooms 250g – Tesco 0.79p reduces from £1.00

8. 1 while pointed sweet orange pepper – from your local grocery store

9. 2 to 3 handfuls of organic Spinach – Tesco 200g £1.50

10. 1 red onion

11. Teaspoon of Smoked paprika

12. Teaspoon of Oregano

13. Teaspoon of chili flakes (I put 2 in)

14. Salt & Pepper

15. Fresh basil (1/4 cup)


Bring to boil pan of hot water and cook your chosen pasta.

Lightly coat the pan with extra virgin olive oil. Slowly sweat the onions, pepper and mushrooms. Then add the garlic and spices/ herbs. Fry to infuse the flavors for a couple of minutes. At this point I add the tinned tomatoes and bring to the boil, allow to bubble and simmer.

After 5 mins I add the cheeses until melted. Then I toss in the spinach, cherry tomatoes and basil.

I always taste at this point and if it tastes a bit bitter I sometimes will add a teaspoon of sugar 😱 yes I know so bad for you, but only a tiny bit!!

Add your pasta to the sauce.

Ready to serve!!! I sprinkle Parmesan and black pepper on the top. Garnish with a sprig of Rosemary 👌🏻

This amount will serve 4 (at least)

Give this really simple recipe a try. It tastes amazing and is so quick to make. It’s way better than buying a supermarket brand where there are loads of hidden calories and preservatives.

As with all my food I check the health benefits before eating. I need food that’s going to give me energy, help reduce the inflammation in my body. So here are a couple of the ingredients and their benefits below.

• Spinach – we all remember Popeye and how eating spinach made him strong. Well it’s full of Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, magnesium, folate and iron. Which means it’s a great anti inflammatory, great for your skin, helps fight infection, boosts the immune system, increases circulation, the list is endless. So yup it’s a bagful of spinach for me!

• Basil – this is the king of herbs. It’s known to ease inflammation and help with joint pain, stress, anxiety, depression, diabetes and fighting cancer, to name but a few. Amazing little herb plant.

Think we can agree this is a plate full of goodness!

Thanks for reading.

Grab nature by the heals and enjoy the rest of your day!

Clair xo


Nibble while you work!

If you’ve read my story you will know that I suffer from some debilitating illnesses. I have good days and bad days. On those bad days I can hardly get out of bed. It sucks! The worst part of it is you just don’t know when you’re going to feel semi normal or horrendous.

I’ve educated myself on the importance of nutrition and living an active lifestyle. Now that’s pretty difficult being active when all you want to do is sleep the pain away, right? I’d say to my doctor “I can’t even consider moving, I’m in agony!” Sometimes you just have to try push yourself that tiny bit more. It’s oh so hard I know but honestly it does help.

First things first, if any of you can relate to this post and you suffer from similar health issues, I hope my journey can help you. Try changing your diet. Eliminate certain foods that can aggravate inflammation, cause stomach upsets etc. Foods containing gluten perhaps or even dairy? Limit your sugar intake. Start eating foods that give you energy boosts. Then hopefully through time you can take baby steps into exercising. I’m not suggesting to go for a jog or do an HIT class, hell I could never do that!! Just gentle exercise. It’ll raise your mood and benefit those stiff joints.

Summertime is the best! It’s warmer, the days are longer, you generally feel happier. And its strawberry picking season so that’s my exercise for the day. Pick some fresh berries, go home make some delicious desserts or pots of jam/ jelly!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Thanks for reading guys.

Grab nature by the heals and have an amazing day!!

Clair xo


Bowlful of goodness!

The last couple of days I have been suffering with a sore throat and earache. You know that way you have chills in your body but at the same time feverish? Well that’s been me. Think it’s been down to our weather here in Scotland. One minute it’s absolutely scorching then the next cold and damp.

Yesterday I didn’t feel much like eating, so this morning I made myself eat a hearty breakfast full of all things good!!

I had my overnight oats warmed up in normal semi skimmed milk (not so vegan today) and added a handful of granola clusters, pomegranate seeds, cubes of kiwi fruit and sweet sliced apricots. It was just what the doctor ordered!

Below are a list of the ingredients used. As always everything is gluten free and organic.

1. Porridge oats – Quaker Oats

2. Granola – Natures Path Organic from Tesco costs £3.00

3. Fresh Pomegranate seeds – Tesco large tub £2.00

4. Apricots – Marks & Spencer’s food £3.00 for 6!

5. Kiwi – Tesco £1.35 for 4!

As previously mentioned I have used the above ingredients to try fight the infection in my poor body! Oh so sad ….. hehe…

• Granola is an awesome way to get a load of iron, fibre and protein. It contains oats, healthy nuts and seeds. However you have to be careful as they can be quite calorific so don’t be too over zealous with your helping.

• Pomegranate seeds are funny little things. I used to hate them when I was young, the mess they made. However as with any fruits they have major nutritional benefits. They are rich in Vitamin C, potassium and fibre. There is 48% of our daily intake of vitamin C in these little seeds. Who’d have thought that!!! Another fact, the majority of the fibre is found in the white seeds beneath the juice pockets. The list of benefits associated with pomegranate is rather large. Here are just a few – great for skin conditions, anti aging, dental care, anaemia, diabetes, stomach disorders, Alzheimer’s, immunity boost, inhibits cancer ……… wow!

• Apricots are totally packed with Vitamin A and fibre. These small gems are super sweet and are so good for your heart, skin, blood, and strengthens those squeaky bones. Oh and did I mention they can be eaten whilst dieting? Natural sugar rush!!!!!

• Kiwi’s where to start? Firstly they actually originate from China. If any of you have trouble sleeping grab a kiwi. Yes you heard, they can help you sleep! They are jam packed full of fibre, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. Thus improving digestion, youthful skin, providing you with a good source of folate. It’s actually higher in Vitamin C than oranges!

Think we can all agree this concoction is brilliant!

I expect to be 100% healthy tomorrow after eating all these wee superstars ⭐️

Grab nature by the heals and have a great day!

Clair xo


Break(fast) bad habits

Who skips breakfast? This used to be one of my worst habits. Through my experimenting with different foods and exercises I discovered just how crucial including breakfast is to your daily life. I can honestly say when I skip breakfast my energy levels are lower than normal, I feel more irritable, tired and I find myself snacking on the wrong things.

Having a healthy breakfast improves concentration, kickstarts your metabolism and keeps you feeling fuller longer. Key word being healthy; try starting your day off with good fats, proteins and fruits.

Todays breakfast contained:

• Porridge oats

• Almond milk (great vegan alternative for dairy)

• Sliced flat yellow peaches – I found these in Tescos and they’re the juiciest peaches and also a bargain (49p for 6!!!!)

• Raspberries and Blueberries- One of my favourite places for fruit is Marks and Spencers (2 for £4). They last for ages, if they get the chance, and they’re super-sweet.

• Sprinkling of Almonds

Health Benefits

1. Oats are great fibre sources, lowers cholesterol, rich in antioxidants and great appetite suppressants.

2. Almond Milk is lower in calories than cows milk, high in vitamin E and D, great calcium source and lactose free.

3. Peaches combat obesity disorders, reduces the risk of cardiovascular and bone disease, prevents stress and anxiety and promotes growth of baby during pregnancy (I actually craved peaches during my first pregnancy and she turned out okay…)

4. Raspberries are amazing little berries as they aid in weight loss (HOW MANY CAN I EAT IN A DAY?!), boosts immunity and protects against cancer, reduces wrinkles and age spots and also can help alleviate nausea in pregnancy. What can’t these berries do?

5. Blueberries are the same in that them along with Raspberries are the superheroes of your fruit bowls. They help cure Alzheimer’s disease, prevents UTI’s, boosts immune system, prevents hair loss and improves your digestive tract.

Grab nature by the heals and have a great day!

Clair x




N’oats again??

I never get bored of porridge. In fact my father in law who is now the ripe old age of 81 has eaten a bowl of porridge for breakfast everyday of his life! He’s doing great! Most people say it’s a Winter breakfast because it’s so filling and warming, just what’s needed on those long, cold snow days!

However, its one of the most nutrient packed bowls of goodness you can have. Let’s talk facts here. Oats are extremely high in fibre (specifically called beta-glucan), protein and antioxidants. All of which help in lowering blood sugar levels, cholesterol, keeps your bowels regular (lessen the risk of constipation) and is great for your skin care as it protects against irritations of the skin. Oh and let’s not forget this important fact, oats make you feel full longer thus helping in weight loss.

Aren’t they awesome little grains?

You can add literally anything to your porridge. I always mix my oats with almond milk. In my father in laws case he uses water, the old Scottish way. Whatever you prefer.

To kick my ass into gear today I had my porridge with sliced plums, black seedless grapes, blueberries, raspberries, walnuts, coconut and a sprinkling of cacao.

Yesterday I wrote about the health benefits associated with almond milk, raspberries and blueberries. So I shan’t bore you with repetition but here is a list of the other amazing ingredients and their benefits.

• Plums are a LOW calorie power food. Great for relieving constipation and promotes good digestion. Prevents against diabetes, protects against cancer and cell damage. They also improve memory…. I need a ton of these!! I have terrible brain fog and poor memory related to my illnesses.

• Black grapes are also great for digestion. They also help prevent cancer, improve brain function, maintain healthy hair and youthful looking skin. If you’re bothered with inflammation or have low immunity grab a handful of these daily.

• Walnuts …… yes! Great for speeding up that sluggish metabolism of yours. Again helps prevent against cancer. Great for maintaining bone health and helps in the prevention of coronary heart disease. This will interest some of you guys with teenagers. Walnuts are also known to help alleviate mood swings in young adults!!

• Coconut is known to regulate the thyroid. Keeps the heart healthy, helps with digestion, stimulates immunity, boosts energy and gives your skin a healthy looking glow.

It’s extraordinary how every little plant, seed or grain has so many healing components for the body. We are so lucky to live on an enriched planet.

Grab nature by the heal’s and have a great day!

Clair x

My Story

Thanks for joining me!

My names Clair, I am 48 years old. I’m an entrepreneur and nutritionist. I decided to document my personal journey on how nutrition affects the body both negatively and positively.

For 11 years now I have suffered from 2 Autoimmune Diseases and Fibromyalgia. The first 10 years of which were confined to my bed. I was medicated heavily to manage the pain.  However in the last year I have taken back control. I have tried many different things to help my condition and have discovered that by simply changing my diet and trying to live a more active life I have been able to reduce my medication and live a more normal life. My illnesses are incurable but are now more manageable.

I hope my blog will help or inspire you to make a change.