The Aging Ph/Fase!

Argh is that a grey hair?? Oh no! There’s a fine line in the middle of my head! Look at those crows feet! Sound familiar? Yup.

I used to look at my mum and think she was ancient at 40! I’m now 48 years old and I’m certainly no dinosaur. We are living in a society where women are expected to look a certain way, desirable and glamourous. In fact it’s probably true that middle aged women have never looked so good. There are so many products, clothing ranges and procedures available to camouflage the signs of aging.

However rather than deal with the problem when it hits let’s educate the youth on prevention.

Let’s talk skincare and how to slow down the appearance of those dreaded wrinkles and lines. Most of us have been taught to just wash your face with soap and water. That’ll clean your face. Well it doesn’t. We should all be using a good deep pore cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer. Three really important basic products. I personally use the above, renewal serum, eye cream, night cream and neck cream. This is my skincare regime twice a day. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Anti aging should begin in your early to mid twenties. Yes you heard right! Not at 40 when the damage has already taken place. So all you beauty conscious ladies and gents take heed and start ASAP!

Make sure you choose a decent product. Research the brand you’re going to use because what you put on your skin will ultimately seep into your bloodstream. You don’t want any nasty chemicals getting into your system. That would just defeat the purpose. Be aware that a lot of products on the market contain horrid chemicals, one being mineral oil. Fact – mineral oil is a derivative of crude oil (petroleum). You do not want to put that on your beautiful face!!!

Start today, slow down the aging process and have lovely, glowing, youthful skin. Love yourself!

I have listed below the products I use. I am very aware of what I put in my body and on my body because of my health issues. So for that reason I chose Botanically Based, vegan approved products. They contain no nasty chemicals and are totally pure. If it’s not going to benefit your body don’t use it! I am also a huge advocate of animal cruelty free products so this range ticks all my boxes. As you can see they seem to work. Pictured below a make up free picture of moi and the products I use.

From left to right –

Re9 Retexturizing Body serum – it hydrated your body and gently exfoliates your skin leaving it looking luminous and healthy!

Neck Cream – no turkey neck!!! Restores the appearance of firmness in your skin through mositurisation to support collagen and elastin.

Cleanser – Gives the pores a good clean out!removes make up and any impurities.

Toner – It’s a spray that spritzes over your face and is so refreshing. It leaves your skin so clean and glowing. It’s also evens out your skin tone.

Intensive renewal serum – this helps reduce fine lines. Its holds in moisture to enhance the look of smoothness and firmness.

Corrective Eye cream – amazing product it contains natural caffeine which diminish the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. It also holds in moisture to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Absolutely love this cream!!!!

Restorative Day cream – locks in moisture and comes with an spf 20.

Night cream – a lovely thick cream, ultra hydrating with collagen supporting ingredients that replenish moisture.

Firming Body Cream – this is a luxurious cream which contains red algae extracts to help improve the appearance of dimpled skin.

Seems a lot you say. That must take you ages to use all those products? Nope 👎 it only takes a few minutes. In this busy life we should all take a few minutes out of our day to pamper ourself. Find your brand and be forever young!

For more information on the above products mentioned, prices, ingredients or their benefits, feel free to message me!

Grab nature by the heals and have a great day guys!

Clair xo

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