Bowlful of goodness!

The last couple of days I have been suffering with a sore throat and earache. You know that way you have chills in your body but at the same time feverish? Well that’s been me. Think it’s been down to our weather here in Scotland. One minute it’s absolutely scorching then the next cold and damp.

Yesterday I didn’t feel much like eating, so this morning I made myself eat a hearty breakfast full of all things good!!

I had my overnight oats warmed up in normal semi skimmed milk (not so vegan today) and added a handful of granola clusters, pomegranate seeds, cubes of kiwi fruit and sweet sliced apricots. It was just what the doctor ordered!

Below are a list of the ingredients used. As always everything is gluten free and organic.

1. Porridge oats – Quaker Oats

2. Granola – Natures Path Organic from Tesco costs £3.00

3. Fresh Pomegranate seeds – Tesco large tub £2.00

4. Apricots – Marks & Spencer’s food £3.00 for 6!

5. Kiwi – Tesco £1.35 for 4!

As previously mentioned I have used the above ingredients to try fight the infection in my poor body! Oh so sad ….. hehe…

• Granola is an awesome way to get a load of iron, fibre and protein. It contains oats, healthy nuts and seeds. However you have to be careful as they can be quite calorific so don’t be too over zealous with your helping.

• Pomegranate seeds are funny little things. I used to hate them when I was young, the mess they made. However as with any fruits they have major nutritional benefits. They are rich in Vitamin C, potassium and fibre. There is 48% of our daily intake of vitamin C in these little seeds. Who’d have thought that!!! Another fact, the majority of the fibre is found in the white seeds beneath the juice pockets. The list of benefits associated with pomegranate is rather large. Here are just a few – great for skin conditions, anti aging, dental care, anaemia, diabetes, stomach disorders, Alzheimer’s, immunity boost, inhibits cancer ……… wow!

• Apricots are totally packed with Vitamin A and fibre. These small gems are super sweet and are so good for your heart, skin, blood, and strengthens those squeaky bones. Oh and did I mention they can be eaten whilst dieting? Natural sugar rush!!!!!

• Kiwi’s where to start? Firstly they actually originate from China. If any of you have trouble sleeping grab a kiwi. Yes you heard, they can help you sleep! They are jam packed full of fibre, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. Thus improving digestion, youthful skin, providing you with a good source of folate. It’s actually higher in Vitamin C than oranges!

Think we can all agree this concoction is brilliant!

I expect to be 100% healthy tomorrow after eating all these wee superstars ⭐️

Grab nature by the heals and have a great day!

Clair xo

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