Break(fast) bad habits

Who skips breakfast? This used to be one of my worst habits. Through my experimenting with different foods and exercises I discovered just how crucial including breakfast is to your daily life. I can honestly say when I skip breakfast my energy levels are lower than normal, I feel more irritable, tired and I find myself snacking on the wrong things.

Having a healthy breakfast improves concentration, kickstarts your metabolism and keeps you feeling fuller longer. Key word being healthy; try starting your day off with good fats, proteins and fruits.

Todays breakfast contained:

• Porridge oats

• Almond milk (great vegan alternative for dairy)

• Sliced flat yellow peaches – I found these in Tescos and they’re the juiciest peaches and also a bargain (49p for 6!!!!)

• Raspberries and Blueberries- One of my favourite places for fruit is Marks and Spencers (2 for £4). They last for ages, if they get the chance, and they’re super-sweet.

• Sprinkling of Almonds

Health Benefits

1. Oats are great fibre sources, lowers cholesterol, rich in antioxidants and great appetite suppressants.

2. Almond Milk is lower in calories than cows milk, high in vitamin E and D, great calcium source and lactose free.

3. Peaches combat obesity disorders, reduces the risk of cardiovascular and bone disease, prevents stress and anxiety and promotes growth of baby during pregnancy (I actually craved peaches during my first pregnancy and she turned out okay…)

4. Raspberries are amazing little berries as they aid in weight loss (HOW MANY CAN I EAT IN A DAY?!), boosts immunity and protects against cancer, reduces wrinkles and age spots and also can help alleviate nausea in pregnancy. What can’t these berries do?

5. Blueberries are the same in that them along with Raspberries are the superheroes of your fruit bowls. They help cure Alzheimer’s disease, prevents UTI’s, boosts immune system, prevents hair loss and improves your digestive tract.

Grab nature by the heals and have a great day!

Clair x



2 thoughts on “Nutrition

  1. Looks yum! My doctor is actually really against breakfast, for various reasons. I find I’m rarely hungry in the morning anyway so tend to eat a 10.30 brunch after I’ve done school runs etc. This is definitely the kind of thing I go for then as I find it covers me right across lunch.

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