N’oats again??

I never get bored of porridge. In fact my father in law who is now the ripe old age of 81 has eaten a bowl of porridge for breakfast everyday of his life! He’s doing great! Most people say it’s a Winter breakfast because it’s so filling and warming, just what’s needed on those long, cold snow days!

However, its one of the most nutrient packed bowls of goodness you can have. Let’s talk facts here. Oats are extremely high in fibre (specifically called beta-glucan), protein and antioxidants. All of which help in lowering blood sugar levels, cholesterol, keeps your bowels regular (lessen the risk of constipation) and is great for your skin care as it protects against irritations of the skin. Oh and let’s not forget this important fact, oats make you feel full longer thus helping in weight loss.

Aren’t they awesome little grains?

You can add literally anything to your porridge. I always mix my oats with almond milk. In my father in laws case he uses water, the old Scottish way. Whatever you prefer.

To kick my ass into gear today I had my porridge with sliced plums, black seedless grapes, blueberries, raspberries, walnuts, coconut and a sprinkling of cacao.

Yesterday I wrote about the health benefits associated with almond milk, raspberries and blueberries. So I shan’t bore you with repetition but here is a list of the other amazing ingredients and their benefits.

• Plums are a LOW calorie power food. Great for relieving constipation and promotes good digestion. Prevents against diabetes, protects against cancer and cell damage. They also improve memory…. I need a ton of these!! I have terrible brain fog and poor memory related to my illnesses.

• Black grapes are also great for digestion. They also help prevent cancer, improve brain function, maintain healthy hair and youthful looking skin. If you’re bothered with inflammation or have low immunity grab a handful of these daily.

• Walnuts …… yes! Great for speeding up that sluggish metabolism of yours. Again helps prevent against cancer. Great for maintaining bone health and helps in the prevention of coronary heart disease. This will interest some of you guys with teenagers. Walnuts are also known to help alleviate mood swings in young adults!!

• Coconut is known to regulate the thyroid. Keeps the heart healthy, helps with digestion, stimulates immunity, boosts energy and gives your skin a healthy looking glow.

It’s extraordinary how every little plant, seed or grain has so many healing components for the body. We are so lucky to live on an enriched planet.

Grab nature by the heal’s and have a great day!

Clair x

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